Everything Madeleine, a burgeoning boutique dessert bakery, sought our expertise to craft a compelling brand identity and online presence. Focused on selling exquisite madeleine desserts, our challenge was to encapsulate the essence of sophistication and delectable indulgence. We meticulously designed a distinctive brand identity, blending elegance with a touch of sweetness, to resonate with the target audience. Additionally, we curated a visually enticing online menu, showcasing the diverse range of madeleine delights. The result was a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality, providing Everything Madeleine with a captivating platform to captivate customers and successfully launch their delectable offerings in the online market.

Matthew H. Lee PCA, PC

Matthew H. Lee, CPA, PC, a respected accounting firm, undertook a website redesign to revamp their online presence. Their objectives encompassed enhancing user experience, bolstering SEO performance, and client interaction while ensuring a secure communication platform. In response to their request, we also integrated a blog and bilingual versions in Korean and English. Meticulous research guided the project, culminating in a responsive design with improved navigation and a unified visual identity. The resultant website not only elevated their image and boosted organic traffic but also aligned with their dedication to financial excellence, as evident in the positive feedback from clients and industry peers.

Aroma Skincare

Aroma Skin Care, a prominent Korean skincare service provider desired a concise, one-page website to showcase their services and expertise while highlighting unique Korean skincare techniques. The resulting website elegantly conveyed this information, emphasizing simplicity and SEO optimization for enhanced online visibility. Rigorous testing ensured functionality and security. The new online presence efficiently presented Aroma Skin Care’s offerings, attracting more beauty enthusiasts and receiving positive feedback. This case study demonstrates how a thoughtfully designed, one-page website can effectively elevate an organization’s online image and serve as a valuable tool in achieving its objectives.

Tatool USA

Tatool USA, a provider of advanced Taekwondo training equipment and instruction, focuses on their endeavor to establish a robust online presence. The client aimed to showcase their expertise and product catalog in the Taekwondo training industry. Extensive research informed the website design, resulting in a user-friendly, visually appealing platform. Key features included product catalogs, informative resources, and e-commerce functionality for seamless transactions. The new website successfully elevated Tatool USA’s online image, attracting martial arts enthusiasts and contributing to their mission of promoting excellence in Taekwondo training.

I Love Ramen

The authentic Japanese restaurant, I Love Ramen, aimed to refresh its online presence, rebrand, and foster an online community. We embarked on a project that included a new website design, professional photo editing for menu items, and seamless integration with food delivery platforms like DoorDash and Grubhub. This will transform the restaurant’s website into an engaging hub, effectively showcasing their delectable cuisine. The addition of online ordering options will expand customer convenience and accessibility. I Love Ramen’s rebranding and revitalized online presence will lead to increased customer engagement, loyalty, and an expanding community of Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, enhancing their foothold in the culinary landscape.

New York TKD Un's Dragons

For New York Taekwondo Un’s Dragon, a distinguished Taekwondo school led by renowned Grandmaster Un Yong Seok, a S. Korean national champion and Olympic team coach. The challenge was to create a website that effectively showcased their video catalog, events, and class introductions. The client aimed to provide a comprehensive online platform for students and enthusiasts. Through meticulous research and analysis, a visually engaging and user-friendly website was designed, ensuring easy access to the video catalog, event updates, and class information. The new website efficiently highlighted the school’s offerings, fostering student engagement and promoting their Taekwondo expertise. It now serves as a valuable tool for both current and prospective members to stay connected and informed.

Kimpro Asian Kitchen & Sushi

Kimpro Asian Kitchen & Sushi, a new restaurant, approached us for a website design before their grand opening. The project encompassed logo design and a comprehensive menu listing. Our team meticulously crafted a visually appealing website that effectively conveyed the restaurant’s essence. The logo captured the spirit of Asian cuisine, while the website showcased their menu offerings. This pre-opening online presence generated buzz, built anticipation, and facilitated early reservations. By proactively establishing their digital presence, Kimpro Asian Kitchen & Sushi successfully paved the way for a vibrant start and continues to attract customers eager to savor their culinary delights.

Green Massage & Spa

Green Massage & Spa sought to establish a robust online presence and showcase their services effectively. Our team undertook the challenge, not only creating a visually appealing website but also developing an entire brand identity, including a new logo. The website’s design highlighted the spa’s services, reflecting tranquility and rejuvenation. The newly crafted logo seamlessly integrated with their brand identity. The result was an inviting online platform, attracting customers seeking relaxation and wellness. With this cohesive brand identity, Green Massage & Spa not only enhanced their online image but also flourished as a go-to destination for those in pursuit of serenity and revitalization.

Shimoo Dog Club

Shimoo Dog Club, a specialized designer dog breeder, embarked on the development of a brand-new website to introduce their cuttest puppies to the world. The client’s vision was a clean, happy, and fun website, specifically created to captivate potential pet owners. Extensive research informed the project, resulting in a visually attractive and user-friendly design. The new website effectively showcased Shimoo designer dog puppies, drawing in visitors with its cheerful and captivating presentation. It successfully realized the client’s vision, offering an engaging online experience for individuals interested in this unique designer dog breed.

LUX Massage Chairs

Lux Massage Chair, a retailer specializing in premium massage chairs, aimed to create an online presence that enticed customers to visit their retail store for an in-person experience. While opting against e-commerce, the focus was on effectively showcasing their product range. The project included a complete rebranding, which incorporated a new logo and visual identity. The website was meticulously designed to highlight the luxurious massage chairs, generating interest and drawing customers into the store to experience these products firsthand. The successful rebranding and online presence not only showcased Lux Massage Chair as a destination for relaxation but also led to increased foot traffic and customer engagement.

Jonah Minstry

Jonah Ministry sought a simple yet visually captivating website to serve as a platform for blogging and content uploads. The project encompassed complete branding strategy, featuring a new logo and fresh visual identity. Furthermore, we provided training to empower the client to manage and update the website independently. The end result was an aesthetically appealing, user-friendly website that allowed the client to write and share content effortlessly. This transformation not only enhanced the online presence of Jonah Ministry but also equipped them with the tools to effectively engage their audience, showcasing the potential of a user-managed online platform.

Canyon Guitars

Canyon Guitars, specializing in guitars and primarily catering to working musicians, sought to establish a dynamic online presence. Their offerings include a diverse range of guitars, basses, amps, lessons, and instrument repairs. We embarked on a project to design a user-friendly website that effectively showcased their instrument inventory and service portfolio. The site’s simplicity enhanced the customer experience, making it easy for musicians to explore both new and vintage instruments. Additionally, event listings brought the musical community together. Canyon Guitars now boasts a vibrant online platform, attracting working musicians and enthusiasts alike, becoming a trusted hub for all things related to the world of strings and sound.

Pacific Halal Market

Pacific Halal Market, a bew grocery store catering to the needs of Muslim consumers, aimed to establish a preliminary online presence. The client sought a one-page introductory website that would introduce their market to local consumers of Muslim ethnicity. Their objective was to grow the website gradually as their grocery business gained momentum. The project involved the creation of one page introduction website linked to Google My Business, signaling professionalism and accessibility. This streamlined online presence successfully communicated their business identity and commitment to serving the local community, acting as a digital gateway for Pacific Halal Market’s journey to becoming a prominent and trusted grocery store.

Cactus Cleaners & Laundy

As a newly established business, Cactus Cleaners & Laundry aimed to reach local residents effectively. They wanted a website to market their unique same-day service, setting them apart from competitors. Our team crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website to highlight this distinctive offering. The result was a substantial influx of new customers eager to take advantage of the prompt service. This surge in clientele not only established Cactus Cleaners & Laundry as a key player in the region but also showcased the potential of a strategic online presence in attracting and retaining customers, proving instrumental in their early success.

Ace Insurance

Ace Insurance, seeking a fresh identity, approached us to revamp their outdated and corporate-looking website. Their goal was to shed the intimidating image and adopt a more uplifting and casual branding approach. We initiated a complete rebranding effort, which included designing a new logo and transforming the website. The streamlined website focused on showcasing their services, with the intent of encouraging potential clients to engage. The result was a visually appealing, inviting online presence, aligned with the client’s vision. Ace Insurance’s new website successfully repositioned the brand, making them approachable and engaging, and encouraging greater client interaction.

Hanmi Print

HanmiPrint.com, established in 2019, is our sister company, serving as a premier online provider of print and design services tailored to the Korean-American community in the United States. It has swiftly risen to prominence as the top choice for Korean-Americans seeking a convenient avenue to access professional print and design solutions for their businesses and organizations.

Our esteemed clientele includes renowned Korean brands like Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Hmart, Wonbang Tech, Pearl Abyss, Coway, Daehan Steel, and more. This success led to the inception of Hanmi Media, driven by growing client demands for our website design and marketing services.

Ultra Affect

Ultra Affect, the pioneering entity in our company network, has been at the forefront of our journey. Since its establishment in 2007, Ultra Affect has been entrusted by a multitude of esteemed clients, including industry giants such as Disney, Citizen Watch, Mercedes, Chick-fil-A, Marvel, the U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force, among others.

Driven by our founder and CEO, Taylor Park, who proudly embraces his Korean heritage, the company was born from a vision to bridge the gap in online print and design services for Korean-Americans in the United States. Leveraging his extensive expertise in the print and design industry, it was a natural progression to extend the same commitment to quality printing and professional marketing services to cater to the diverse needs of the Korean-American community.

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